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Erin is a vocal and acting coach based in Melbourne. Drawing on her years of experience as a professional performer, she encourages her students to not only master advanced technical skills, but to explore a deeply personal connection to their work and ultimately fulfil their unique potential as artists.

“Erin is an incredible vocal coach, I can’t recommend her more highly. She creates a safe, nurturing environment while pushing me beyond what I consider to be my limits. Erin is the only vocal coach I’ve worked with who has taken the time to understand my needs, and worked her lessons around them. I always leave motivated, inspired and excited by what I’ve achieved.”
Brihony Dawson, Ladyhood Music
“Erin Kennedy is a passionate and dedicated singing teacher who understands the individual needs of each student. I have worked with her frequently, focusing specifically on my high belt range, and her support has been invaluable. She has helped me to better understand my voice and produce a safer sound and increased my vocal range. I fully endorse this excellent lady!”
“Erin has expanded my concepts and ability to readily access vocal technique, allowing me to grow in confidence as a performer. She has also guided me through song and acting choices, repertoire and style. I would highly recommend her, whether you are after recreational lessons or are looking to pursue a career in the profession.”
Kat Ludley, Actress and Vocalist
“Erin is warm, patient and encouraging. She really knows the stress and anxiety that can plague the singing high achiever. In her lessons you feel secure enough to take risks and experiment with your voice safely, and in a low pressure environment.”
Chloe Musgrove, WAAPA graduate

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