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Confidence comes from knowing what you’re doing.

As a professional performer herself, Erin understands the skills, stamina and mindset that it takes to perform at the highest level. If you’re a dancer who’s never done a singing lesson before, a musical theatre full-time graduate, or an aspiring singer of any genre, you’ll come out of each lesson with more skills, and more confidence.

 In your first lesson, you’ll discuss what you want to achieve and develop an action plan to help you reach your goals. Erin provides clear, practical instruction of vocal technique that is specifically optimised for music theatre, pop and rock demands.

Erin teaches from her home in South Yarra. It’s a cosy, stress-free environment you’ll love to work in.

Simple and clear breath control

Optimal posture

Understanding registers and mixing

Extending your range

Strengthening your belt slowly and safely

Developing a clear and balanced head register

 Phrasing, interpretation and personalisation

Erin feels passionate about her students developing a deep understanding their own voice and technique. You won’t be told to “imagine a ball of glowing light”. You’ll understand what you’re doing and why.

As a student herself, Erin was often told to visualise ideas and concepts which couldn’t be replicated outside the lesson because she didn’t know what she’d actually done. One of her strengths as a teacher is helping her students really get it.

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.”

Maya Angelou

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