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Prepare, connect, commit.

Erin often works with performers on their acting skills, honing their craft and preparing them for upcoming auditions. Your lessons can focus purely on acting, or we can incorporate acting training into your regular singing lessons. Erin gives you the flexibility to ensure you always get what you need on the day. Whatever you need, your lesson is your time.

Acting Coaching

Maybe you need to find or work on a scene or monologue, to prepare an accent or tackle a TVC casting you’ve got coming up. You may want some help with your song interpretation and artistry, or developing a character. Erin teaches clear and practical acting techniques to take your performance to the next level.

Audition Coaching

If you struggle with auditioning, or just need some help getting ready, don’t stress. Erin can help you choose appropriate material, make any cuts you need, develop your song or scene to a high standard, and make sure you’re completely ready for the big day. She can even talk you through personal presentation and interacting with the accompanist.

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